White Aprons

I am thrilled to be the official studio sample mannequin, simply thrilled. In my role, I am the very first one to be presented with a finished sample to wear, model and pose for the camera. I am sure any one of you would be as thrilled as I am to have this opportunity.

Here I am posing in the first finished White Bib and Lace Apron with matching Ruffled Bonnet.

I feel elegant and find that the Lace does fancy me up a notch. I find myself inspired to cook food beyond my usual scope and do feel that should an important guest sneak into my kitchen, I hope that this is the Apron I would be wearing.


By customer request, a simple white cotton half apron. Traditionally without pockets and contemporarily with drawstring waist. I find this lovely and tasteful in its simplicity.


Here, I model our new Muslin Drawstring Apron. It has large pockets and a drawstring waist that allows for a proper fit no matter how endowed one’s beauty happends to be. All kitchen help deserves to feel gracefully dressed.
The white Ruffled Cap is a most beautiful replacement for the old hairnet. Isn’t it?

Warm Regards,

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