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My name is Betty and although it is true that I am a mannequin, I am a very important contributor to my company. I do my best to add an air of elegance, refinement and social grace to my job. I have been promoted to my own WordPress blog and it is my intention to provide useful information for keeping the home.

Our women today have careers and their own cars. So unlike our ancestors, women now leave the house at will and can be perhaps undependable in their presence in regarding their housekeeping. Their lives are complex as they tend to life not only within the home but also to life outside of it.

Yes, it was simpler years ago when the woman were inside the house and the men were working and tending to the outside of it. Today, you see everyone run a muck everywhere. Who knows who is inside or out. No one remains in a singular place. But that withstanding, a truth remains, whatever the complexities of our semi ritualistic day, our homes need to kept. And if you are servantless, homes are kept by those who live there.

A home should be a gloriously warm loving place that relaxes, calms and welcomes you. No matter the limit of time, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness can see you through to creating a glorious place called Home.

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