Glorious Silverware

Silverware should never be left to plainly sit beside the plate. What a missed opportunity for loveliness. Instead of leaving them stoically unto themselves as if stationed as guards who have prepared for an attack, we need unity.

Silverware Red

It is lovelier to marry napkins and silverware.  First, introduce themselves to each other. Then let them cuddle.

Silverware tan

Coupled together is lovelier presentation and more enticing but who would want to settle for acceptable when one can be remarkable and memorable? Additional attention is still needed. We press on.


Silverware Blue

Here we have not only wonderful color but we also have the introduction of a ribbon to tie up the silverware and napkin together. And to bring the vision up to a state of gloriousness, a flower has been added. Note that the ribbon and flower both coordinate beautifully with the table scape.

Silverware Pink

Here is a wonderful example of contrasts. We see the delicateness of the soft pink in the tablecloth and roses contrasting with the rougher texture of the ecru napkin.  For a finishing touch, the dinnerware is accented in gold contrasting with the silver.

Silverware Lavendar

And here we see a lovely example. Beautiful patterns of dots and stripes entice us further. With such a lovely table scape, one’s guests will surely feel appreciated and welcomed to your table. And isn’t setting the mood the beginning of every wonderful event?

Silverware-Not an army of stoic individuals.


{Silverware, napkins, flowers and ribbons}- a snuggled welcoming group of loveliness to welcome us to the occasion.


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