Elegant Social Drinking

Social Drinking need not be without the benefit of our standards.  Beauty can exist anywhere, even in our drinks. Just because it’s alcohol, there is no reason to lower any bar. Loveliness can find a place just about anywhere we choose to dwell.

Take this simple boozy drink.

Plain Booze

Certainly it is delicious. The glass is lovely. Yet, the drink itself is simply an empty palette awaiting our attention and beautification.

Flowers, of course, set the mood. The season determines what floral accent will grace our table and for this dining experience, it was Lily of the Valley, exquisitely filling the air with its pretty light perfume. And of course perfectly matching the delicate colors of our cocktail.

Strawberries and Lilly of the valley

Now we are able to add another seasonal treat, strawberries. It is always best to serve what fruit is in season. We serve it to eat, why not serve it to drink as well?

And how divine is our cocktail with cut strawberries floating to its brim? Its delicate pale pink tone is now accented beautifully with seasonally ripe fruit, served amongst a bevy of Freshly picked flowers. How divine indeed to smell the floral scent accented with the fruit  of the day? Drink indeed, and treat all of your senses.

Lovely Finished cocktail


But remember ladies, One cocktail is all one should enjoy. We wouldn’t want our manners to slip.

And may I add that the music of Glenn Miller and his rendition of Moonlight Cocktail is a wonderful choice when serving delicious yummy fruit filled Cocktails.

Warm Regards, Betty


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