Cake Batter

Have you recently taken a good look at your cake pan? I suggest you do if you have not. If you place it on the table and give it a good once over, one thought will come to mind. It is quite boring, isn’t it?  I mean really and I do include the rectangles as well as the rounds. That is all they are, round or square and alone with that, one must add quite a bit of imagination to make dessert glorious.

If you would like to serve homemade cake and need to cut time, one suggestion prevails. Use a Bundt pan. You can entirely skip the entire frosting piece. And certainly any decorating with frosting would be left out as well. Remember my advice, Ladies! Be a better batter maker! No more plain yellow or white cake in a  boring round or square pan.

Concoct or borrow a better batter and the cake will stand gloriously on its own. Toss the boring pan aside, gently of course. Peruse your shelves and find a Bundt pan with a captivating design. Match it with a better batter, say strawberry and blueberry pudding cake batter, bake it in your exquisitely shaped Bundt pan and you will have a stunningly delicious cake that stands decoratively on its own. Now that’s glorious!

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Glorious Cake

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