Bed Manners by Dr. Ralph Y. Hopton.

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If you have ever read Emily Post, then you may share with me an appreciation of manners and cultural propriety. I must tell you that dear Emily is not the only source of suggested appropriate behavior. In 1934, a book was published entitled Bed Manners by Dr. Ralph Y. Hopton. I have read it and thoroughly enjoyed its information. I am also impressed that a physician wrote the book.

My copy of this book is old and tattered. I might check on for a copy. According to information shared with me, the book was in its fifth printing by 1942. I cannot imagine how many copies have been printed all these years. The author must have become quite wealthy indeed!

In Bed Manners, it explains that most etiquette books cover parties, dinner, and a bevy of social events. There is a gap in manner teachings and that is within the home itself. Bed Manners attempts to clarify appropriate expectations in the bathroom, the bedroom, the sleeping car of trains and other situations left quite ignored by other etiquette writers.

I have very much enjoyed my read of this title and would be happy to share my thoughts.  A good review might be fun to do. I shall give it a whirl and see how I do.

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