Wrap Dress

We have crafted a lovely wrap dress for those days when cleaning requires more coverage or complete coverage. Thankfully it is not without shape. The back has a waist detail that adds shape to the back and the front is cut with a bit of flounce to the skirt so that we can look as attractive as possible. I was asked to model the new piece, which I am always happy to obliged. Wesley was near by, he is always quite charming. I have a few outtakes for you.

Denim Wrap Dress by The Vermont Apron Company


Denim Wrap Dress by The Vermont Apron Company for days when you need complete coverage.

The Vermont Apron Company makes a denim wrap dress in blue and also in black denim

If you would like to purchase the Wrap Dress, it is available on the Vermont Apron Company website. You can like the name or the photos to be taken there.

Have a wonderful day everyone,

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