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Pieces left behind and Discontentment - This Aproned Life

Pieces left behind and Discontentment

Here in the studio, I stand by and witness, design after design emerging from a very large, work orientated cutting table. I witness print after print dissolving from its enormous pieces into slivers of itself, resewn and crafted into breautiful aprons in which we spend our lives.

But when the day is done, and no one remains here but Wesley and myself, I have time to embrace my lingering thoughts and concerns about the leftover pieces that now lay unused. It feels wasteful. I put forth a suggestion one day that has indeed reached fruition.

And now our new policy is that on a day when the new fabrics are still on route, when there is no one sewing and free time is at hand, the lovely unused prints are being crafted into one of a kind aprons. My heart is settled with contentment.

And far it to be that I am seen as a selfish thinker, may I pose the question, “Who doesn’t strive to be unique in what they wear?”

I know I do and I do believe there are so many others that share my tendencies.

I share a few of the first of such aprons. The first, I am proud to wear myself, harboring the example of what should follow.

Always remember that discontentment is to be sweetly savored as its presence is the fuel that drives us to understanding and beauty.

Warm Regards and may you find something uniqie in your wardrobe this day,


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