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Eggplant - This Aproned Life


Dear Readers,

Here in the studio, the loveliest of colors has arrived. And more spectacularly, the color resides on the loveliest of fabrics. I speak of Eggplant linen.

I will tell you that I found myself unable to resist the temptation of wrapping myself up in the gorgeous cloth and dreaming of what it may become. I imagined how lovely I may look in its finished garment.

Unable to sew myself, I was forced to await the designs of the makers in this place. Indeed, another apron was made but I must say their intention proved illuminating as I found their finished garment the loveliest of all I have seen to this day.

I am not so sure I would have chosen to pose among the corn but it is the midst of fall. I would have chosen a lovely table set for tea surrounded by beautiful floral china. I think linen napkins would have accented well as, of course, an autumn floral display.

But alas, I am not a maker in this place. So corn is the backdrop to the loveliest of aprons that I have seen.  Additionally the makers introduced the blackest of linen as well. And surprisingly, it is quite stately. I will tell you that I found it beautiful in a refined classic way.

The addition of the straw hat is quite stately. Someone had good sense. The hat adds a classic, refined look much better suited to the linen. Yes, I think, this photo is quite lovely and suits me well.


Betty Allen


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