A Chocolate Linen Apron

Dear Readers,

Summer is upon us and the woods are beautiful. Should you go about walking amongst the trees and ferns, an apron works appropriately. It covers you well and provides pockets for well hidden items that you may find you require.

Chocolate Linen Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

Although linen comes in a rich assortment of color. Brown still owns a dignified, proper place. Chocolate brown is cast with red hues and is beautiful in its simplicity.

Rich neutral colors play canvas to their context, supporting the beauty that surrounds them and layering a tone of elegance to the contrasts that surround them.

Chocolate Linen Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

Should you go for a walk, I suggest an apron. Should you go for a walk through a formal garden and its pretty pathways, I suggest a linen apron. I believe one should always dress for the occasion and in a linen apron, you will look as lovely as the garden that surrounds you.

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