Gathering Bag Apron for an Early Autumn

Greetings Lovely Readers,

Without a specific topic to share today, I thought to share a favorite photo.  This is my favorite for Autumn as there is a feel of quiet romance to an early Autumn morning. The air remains warm with only a tinge of crispness to remind us that it soon will pass and snow will fall. Apples have fallen and been collected and pies await their baking. Harvesting and baking are centuries old routines passed down through generations of women and still remain with us. Warm apples baking still fill the air as every year passes.

Denim Gathering Bag Apron


I hope you have time to enjoy early morning walks no matter what the season.

Warm Regards,



Lilac Season

I was asked to assist in the garden and quite frankly I was thrilled. Is there anything as wonderful as a day in the garden? Lilacs especially fill the air with such exquisite aroma, one feels pretty just sitting near them.  I smelled lovely all day long.

VErmont APron Company Farmhouse Apron


I hope you enjoyed a lilac filled spring as well.

Warm Regards,


A Proper Curtsy

Dear Readers,

Glancing over the shoulder of those in charge of film and photos, I spotted this wonderful photo. The model is practicing her curtsy while picking flowers in the field. How pretty a photo is this? And the bow she made from her aprons ties is also as carefully done. Lovely.

Vermont Apron Company Jenna Apron

I hope you will all enjoy summer flowers in your yard this year.

Warm Regards,


Looking Lovely

If you are hosting a divine formal affair at home, you do not need to feel like a drudge in your Apron. You can look as divine as the meal you are preparing. Polyester Satin washes very well and with a good stain remover, you can erase any misfortunes that may have taken place during meal preparation.

Long Satin Lace Bridal Apron 2

Even a light iron will allow for a starched look of wrinkle free perfection. Go light iron, though, as polyester, though wonderfully wrinkle free, will melt under a hot iron. So press carefully and gently. This is where an old fashioned pressing cloth comes in handy.

Bridal Organdy Apron 3

But remember what is important, cook a divine dinner, look your best and be the most wonderful hostess you can be. Nothing makes a life more worth living, than living it as lovely as you can.

Being Trim

If you are going to look trim, one must eat with a sense of refinement.  Before you throw in the towel and give up on a trim life to live a life of fatness forever, I have a suggestion…. roasted veggies. It’s quick… just chop enthusiastically, anything in  your fridge… then toss it all on a cookie sheet or anything that will happily survive the oven… then cook at 425 for 20 minutes. Done! Eat! At best 100 calories!


Oh sure you can drizzle oil, add cheese, blah, blah, blah…. but why? Veggies are awesome all on their own!!!_MG_8490I like to chop extra so that my next meal will require less time on my part as veggies will be already chopped. I’m very clever, I know.

Superbowl Sunday

My Goodness, it is that time of year again, isn’t it? I can only hope that you all have enough food prepared. And that it is presented well. My thoughts are with you.

Warmly, Betty

Bed Manners by Dr. Ralph Y. Hopton.

Dear Readers,

If you have ever read Emily Post, then you may share with me an appreciation of manners and cultural propriety. I must tell you that dear Emily is not the only source of suggested appropriate behavior. In 1934, a book was published entitled Bed Manners by Dr. Ralph Y. Hopton. I have read it and thoroughly enjoyed its information. I am also impressed that a physician wrote the book.

My copy of this book is old and tattered. I might check on for a copy. According to information shared with me, the book was in its fifth printing by 1942. I cannot imagine how many copies have been printed all these years. The author must have become quite wealthy indeed!

In Bed Manners, it explains that most etiquette books cover parties, dinner, and a bevy of social events. There is a gap in manner teachings and that is within the home itself. Bed Manners attempts to clarify appropriate expectations in the bathroom, the bedroom, the sleeping car of trains and other situations left quite ignored by other etiquette writers.

I have very much enjoyed my read of this title and would be happy to share my thoughts.  A good review might be fun to do. I shall give it a whirl and see how I do.

Warm Regards,


Elegant Social Drinking

Social Drinking need not be without the benefit of our standards.  Beauty can exist anywhere, even in our drinks. Just because it’s alcohol, there is no reason to lower any bar. Loveliness can find a place just about anywhere we choose to dwell.

Take this simple boozy drink.

Plain Booze

Certainly it is delicious. The glass is lovely. Yet, the drink itself is simply an empty palette awaiting our attention and beautification.

Flowers, of course, set the mood. The season determines what floral accent will grace our table and for this dining experience, it was Lily of the Valley, exquisitely filling the air with its pretty light perfume. And of course perfectly matching the delicate colors of our cocktail.

Strawberries and Lilly of the valley

Now we are able to add another seasonal treat, strawberries. It is always best to serve what fruit is in season. We serve it to eat, why not serve it to drink as well?

And how divine is our cocktail with cut strawberries floating to its brim? Its delicate pale pink tone is now accented beautifully with seasonally ripe fruit, served amongst a bevy of Freshly picked flowers. How divine indeed to smell the floral scent accented with the fruit  of the day? Drink indeed, and treat all of your senses.

Lovely Finished cocktail


But remember ladies, One cocktail is all one should enjoy. We wouldn’t want our manners to slip.

And may I add that the music of Glenn Miller and his rendition of Moonlight Cocktail is a wonderful choice when serving delicious yummy fruit filled Cocktails.

Warm Regards, Betty


Glorious Silverware

Silverware should never be left to plainly sit beside the plate. What a missed opportunity for loveliness. Instead of leaving them stoically unto themselves as if stationed as guards who have prepared for an attack, we need unity.

Silverware Red

It is lovelier to marry napkins and silverware.  First, introduce themselves to each other. Then let them cuddle.

Silverware tan

Coupled together is lovelier presentation and more enticing but who would want to settle for acceptable when one can be remarkable and memorable? Additional attention is still needed. We press on.


Silverware Blue

Here we have not only wonderful color but we also have the introduction of a ribbon to tie up the silverware and napkin together. And to bring the vision up to a state of gloriousness, a flower has been added. Note that the ribbon and flower both coordinate beautifully with the table scape.

Silverware Pink

Here is a wonderful example of contrasts. We see the delicateness of the soft pink in the tablecloth and roses contrasting with the rougher texture of the ecru napkin.  For a finishing touch, the dinnerware is accented in gold contrasting with the silver.

Silverware Lavendar

And here we see a lovely example. Beautiful patterns of dots and stripes entice us further. With such a lovely table scape, one’s guests will surely feel appreciated and welcomed to your table. And isn’t setting the mood the beginning of every wonderful event?

Silverware-Not an army of stoic individuals.


{Silverware, napkins, flowers and ribbons}- a snuggled welcoming group of loveliness to welcome us to the occasion.


Warm Regards,




Aspic, Delightful in a Molded Pan.

Good Afternoon Dear Readers,

I wondered what I might contribute today and I thought I would speak about the versatility of the mold that I used in making a Bundt cake. Those molds are very popular for dessert making such as that very quick, easy to make favorite, Gelatin. Also, as I wrote of,  in an earlier post, any cake batter would do well and appear very pretty in such a mold.

But what do we say of meat? You might wonder if meat is left out of the prettiness of molded pans. Fear not, it is very much included in this category of  presentation. Many of my readers may not remember the popular dinner made from leftovers in a gelatin mold. But, for those thrifty readers, what a lovely presentation of Tuesday and Wednesday’s leftovers than merging them together into a lovely patterned mold of jellied meat stock.

I believe our ancestral grandmothers referred to this as Aspic. According to Wikipedia, Aspic was used as far back as the dark ages. Our ancestral Grandmothers discovered that thickened broth not only added moisture and flavor to meat but assisted in retarding its spoilage. Centering your meat within a log of jellied stock, prevented the inclusion of  air that was needed for the spoiling process. And how wonderful was this at a time when refrigeration had not been even a dream.

Upon the invention of the molded pan, I will conclude that Aspic took on a refinement in appearance. I suppose any good housewife who cared about her dinner presentation would have quickly purchased a molded pan, no longer serving a simple jellied meat log but a lovely crown adorned in garnishes.

Aspic Chicken and Carrot

Adding elegance to one’s Aspic, one could be even more clever and witty indeed with the addition of colorful leftover ingredients. One can even create individual Aspics, how lovely for a light lunch!

Aspic leftover Individual Dinners

There is no reason to have a simple cow’s tongue log for dinner. With molded pans, one can make any leftover look lovely in a jelled meat stock base.

Aspic in a Bundt pan

And should you have not acquired a molded pan as yet, please make your Aspic log desirable by at least adding a pickle to decorate the plate.

Aspic and a Pickle

Even an old sardine can can work in a pinch as an Aspic mold. And don’t we all have homemade pickles in the cupboard? Always be as lovely as you can!

Warm Regards,